Monday, July 26, 2010


A busy day but still time for fun. Brent took me to the mayor’s office to get my document d’attestation which states my official address in France. New regulations mean that my visa now takes the place of a carte de sejour residency card, but I still need to prove my address in the absence of utility bills or lease documents. My second official “document” was a loyalty shopping card for E. Leclerc garnered in Saint-Gaudens (pron. Sant Ga-dan) on a grocery and domicile stocking trip.
beside himself
I drove Munson down to the gorge after lunch. He loved it, absolutely revelling in the cool waters, swimming around, bouncing up and down the banks, crawling backwards and forwards under a low bridge, and generally entertaining all the folk visiting the gorge for wading, picnicking, hiking or abseiling.
 white hart how to make a henge
The roadsign above made me wonder if this was a suggestion as to how Stonehenge and other standing circles were made:
  1. Find a mountain with large granite blocks on it
  2. push them off top
  3. admire blocks standing below
  4. remove mountain
Munson, wet and wild
21 photo-stitch of the gorge
 happy sunflower happy gourmand
Jean had brought home some foie gras from the weekly f-g market, which Brent cooked up for us all (including two guests from New Zealand). I’m a convert. The extra pork schnitzel and slice of apricot tart didn’t hurt.


  1. I love your theory on Stonehenge!

  2. Anonymous12:42 am

    San-Gaw-Dens! We get full value for our letter out here.

  3. Beautiful sunflower field!!!

    I think I would like to run around in the water with Munson! That looks like LOTS of fun!