Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I had to go to France and wander around heavily wooded areas

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There are a few steps in Munson’s transition from city slicker to farm beast.

1. Have a barn to eat your bones in

2. Forest walks. Unbelievably, today was Munson’s first walk in a heavily wooded area. I used to take for granted all the off-leash woodland that Bondi had available to him in Seattle, but there’s nothing like that in Sydney outside of the small thickets in Sydney and Centennial Parks. And here we don’t have to contend with snakes, paralysis ticks and other potential threats.

2010-07-27 Cardiac forest

This particular forest has a good 2km path with fifteen exercise stations dotted along it. Each station is named with something terrifying like “Traction Bras” and the exercise posture is related to a woodland creature such as the belette (weasel), blaireau (badger, shaving brush, or nerd(!)) or roitelet huppé (crested wren).

The cumulative effect is to see the hard-working menagerie shown at bottom left.

My real desire was to see un singe sur une branche ou une souris dessous une table.

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  1. I had a traction bra once. It was *quite* uncomfortable.