Wednesday, July 14, 2010

If you should see a wet dog running free then you know he’s mine

Hay Cinema Bookshop: Dogs Welcome Hay Castle Bookshop -ud-r Lodg-

After a quick breakfast of oat cuisine, I took Munson into Hay-on-Wye for (my) coffee and a quick reconnoitre. Some booksellers remembered me from years past with Bondi at my side as we trawled through their shelves. It was on my first visit, 5 years ago last week, that I met Ross with his dog Judy as they wove a similar path around the town. I don’t think Hay’s bookshops have the same appeal now, many are closed or have changed their stock presentation to suit a less discerning customer. All still happily welcomed Munson in as I snooped for particular titles.

I skipped over to Brecon for lunch and some quick shopping. A better coffee solution was found at the Lounge, a small winebar-cafe run by an Aussie woman. She gave me the disturbing news that chain outlets of coffee are representing flat white coffees as Americano coffee with milk, rather than espresso with steamed milk (and no foam). Mind you, since there is almost zero distinction between latte and cappucino in the UK, there’s no real surprise there.

Tudor Lodge 

I brought Munson back to our palatial lodgings in the hills above Talgarth for a romp through the trees.


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  1. What GREAT pics!

    Khyra is quite jealous!

  2. Hi! Loved your video of Bondi (and all the pictures..) and love Munson also! I have a malamute too, Nanuq (3 years old). We live in Providence (RI) but we come from Sicily (Catania). We are traveller! And Nanuq come everywhere with us...always! I see my yours pictures! ..this is nanuq's blog:
    I would love to share with you a video:

    Ciao, Claudia

  3. Welcome back to the steamy, tropical conditions that make the UK such a delightful location every Summer.

  4. Gorgeous! I love the book stores. They are totally cool!


  5. @Claudia: Bondi visited Catania in 2007!