Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Into the west

 M&M, on the road

With Brent’s great assistance on the ground in France, an insurance cover note for the car was issued by mid morning, and we were free to hit the road. More heartfelt thanks to Chris (and Mark and his hamsters) for keeping us through our jetlagged early days in this hemisphere.

By lunchtime we were heading briskly along the M4, London’s warmth surrendered to scuds of rain that followed us over the Severn bridge and into Wales ( country #3 for Munson ). I love to drive through the Wye Valley – and look forward to walking it as part of Offa’s Dike path with Munson one day – but it was really a washout today.  We got into Ross’s Talgarth digs in the afternoon and in the central court of his farm lodge promptly discovered that the car has a bit of a problem switching into reverse when facing down a slope.

Munson was introduced to Ross, his brother Paul, and dog Meep, who I’d last seen with Bondi on a day trip down to one of the local rivers. Today was his first real opportunity since we’d arrived last week to run around in a big space, and he really made the most of it, tearing crazy loops through the plum and apple trees.

Tintern AbbeyIn the driver's seat Meep

Tonight I was going to be sleeping above Paul’s room in the barn, but Munson just couldn’t settle down. I tried walking him outside again, but he still kept pacing the room, making little whining noises. Torn between a worry that he had bloat (except he had no breathing issues, or hard belly and hadn’t played after dinner) and concern that he would wake Paul downstairs, I took him out to the car and made him comfortable there. He really seemed to have an affinity for that car, or at least understand that this replaced the Scenic in which he and Bondi had felt so at home.

I returned to bed, waking at 5.20 to soft morning light and bird chatter. I went to the car to check on Munson. He was happily asleep, stretched out across the back seat, showing no sign of distress. This should bode well for the ferry crossing to France in a few days.

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