Thursday, July 29, 2010

Introducing Munson’s gang

Smeggs Tosca

Munson is now part of a three-dog extended household, or canine commune if you will. Smeggs is Munson’s constant playmate, taking him on from dawn till dusk. She’ll either come at him from underneath (as below) so seeing an eight-legged two headed beast spinning around the yard is quite common, or she’ll pounce on him when prone.

Tosca is not having a good week. Munson’s arrival has demoted her from top dog – he outweighs Tosca and Smeggs combined – so she’s moping around the house, usually in the company of the stuffed fox toy. I hope everyone will quickly settle into their new groove.

Munson & Smeggs

On Wednesday everyone (with the exception of Smeggs and Tosca) drove north to have a look at the Gers farm we’ll be occupying sometime in the next four months. Driving through this highly agrarian part of France is much like being off the motorways in the UK: successions of villages interpolated with winding ridge-crossing roads means that we’re averaging 50km/h on most journeys. We don’t have to contend with English hedgerows, but every so often we pass through a narrow boulevard with the signposted warning Arbres! My heart always leaps a bit when I pass through these, such a contrast to the wide open spaces of Australian roads. So aside from the time travelling up and down these roads, the warm middle hours of the day were spent inspecting the farm buildings. Then we had Munson and les trois enfants scurrying around the house sniffing out future bedrooms, trails of past animals and look! a butt-wash!

Yesterday I visited Nick, one of our landlords, who is a bit of a car nut with a garage resembling Caractacus Potts’ from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.  He volunteered to check out my brake pads after I realised that my dashboard’s display of Garniture du freins was not some welcoming message from the car manufacturer, and indicated that my brake/clutch linings were to be checked. He quickly determined that it was a false error, and also got to the bottom of my problem with not being able to get into reverse gear sometimes – there’s an invisible slider below the head of the gearstick that has to be pulled up to engage reverse gear. The car manual’s instructions (after translation) and diagrams were not very revealing at that point. So I was very happy after that discovery as it means I can park the car without cruising around looking for spots that allow me to drive forward to exit.

gorge stitch

I took Munson down to the gorge again. He wasn’t as inclined to swim so much as wade around, nibble grass on the banks and run around like a coltish loon.

Hairypotamus tame wolf leaping, pace Rodriguez' famed photo

Munson: hairypotamus or tame wolf?

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  1. I love the 'attack' position as well as how it shows off Munson's size!

    The jump shot is incredible!

    Glad you got the directional 'challenge' addressed!