Sunday, July 11, 2010

More firsts


Our day began again at Munson’s where I was expecting to meet up with more of the locals I’d gotten to know during my visits with Bondi in recent years. Before they’d turned up, we’d been photographed by a Japanese reporter, and a small boy had pronounced Munson a “[s]no [w]dog”.

 P1010644 P1010648

Munson took his first train journey from South Ealing station. It’s worth repeating that what is so unremarked upon here (except from happy conversations with other travellers) is not possible in Australia. Along the way I met up with my friend Sachin and we travelled into Green Park (where I held Munson aloft on our long escalator ride up to the surface) and then walked through St.James’s Park.

P1010654 P1010655P1010684 


A London fun-run diverted us from our path towards the Thames, and we wound up at Trafalgar Square. I wanted to recreate a pic I’d taken five years ago, with Bondi leaning over the edge of a fountain for a drink. Munson, not being as big as Bondi had a less dignified approach, hanging over the edge like a thirsty possum before falling in.

P1010665 P1010668 P1010669

We eventually made it down to the Jubilee Bridge, where I suddenly heard my name and realised that I (ie Munson) had been spotted by Robert Green, a friend from Sydney, touring with the Sydney Philharmonia Choir. Over the bridge, we ambled along Southbank, our path intersecting with David, another mate from these parts, who had joined Bondi and me for our stay in Nice back in 2005.

Munson and I were the subject of many more photographs through the day (especially with my lolling around on his back hunting for belly scratches outside Hammersmith tube station). I commented that it was like having a CCTV following us around. Sachin thought that if offenders were shackled to a malamute rather than to transponder anklets, then security tracking systems might be made more effective.

P1010674  P1010680

I’ve now got my ferry crossing booked for next Sunday night. We’ll arrive in Roscoff in Brittany and have the day to drive down towards Condom.

I’m still firming up our itinerary between now and then. Our last two nights in UK (Fri / Sat) will be in Cornwall, and I’ll stop in to see a few folks in Wales ahead of that. Sadly I’ll have to leave visits further north till our next trip over.


  1. Just a quick note to let you know how much we are enjoying reading about your adventures. We discovered your blog post your last trip, so this is like getting a fresh view.

  2. Khyra and I are enjoying it very much!

    It makes us so wish the US was more like Europe -

    In many many ways!

  3. Looks like Munson is having a fabulous time so far! It's no wonder so many people want to take his picture. He's such a handsome boy!


  4. Michelle from Wrexham7:08 am

    Welcome to the UK! It seems strange to read how unusual dog friendly pubs and transport are, we often take our dog out with us to the local pub for food, hopefully it;ll stay that way in this country! Looking forward to reading about your onward journey to France, Munson seems to be having an awesome time!


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