Sunday, July 18, 2010

Munson welcomes dogs one and all to the beaches of Cornwall!


Munson had a great run on Par Beach at lunch time, throwing himself into the surf again and again.  The Cornish Coast website seems to list more dog-friendly beaches for this small peninsula than exist on the entire Australian continent!


We had a few hours in Mevagissey, nearly three years to the day since Bondi and I came here.



Tony is teaching Munson how to make a basil, cheese and tomato salad. I’m thinking that Munson’s love for cooking will only blossom during his time in France. Perhaps it’s time for a Munson & Julia blog?

In a few short hours we’ll be off to Plymouth to catch the ferry. See you all in France!


  1. Have to laugh at the picture of Munson in the kitchen. The Herd, well, not quite so refined.

  2. The Herd might not be so refined, but Khyra is!

    She's even very good at watching the crockpot when there is lamb involved!