Saturday, July 17, 2010

The week in review

London, UK to Roscoff, France

I’m pleased to report that almost nothing happened today. I slept in till 9.30, walked Munson into St.Austell (H) town centre at lunch time to buy shoes (“Is that a manatee?”), coffee and a Cornish pastie. Napped again in the afternoon as I feel bone-tired from the accumulated effects of the moving effort over the last few weeks, sorting out Munson & car here, and then a few days of “hedgerow-driving” in a LHD vehicle where you can’t see the oncoming traffic.

At this time tomorrow, we’ll have driven on to Plymouth (I) for our ferry and it will be an hour into its journey across to Roscoff, France.


  1. Somehow I can hear The Thundering Herd's hu-dad laughing at the manatee comment!

    Glad nothing happened!

  2. Manatee! That's priceless. Happy sailing!

  3. It is so wonderful to see that Munson is proving to be as good a travel companion as Bondi. Looking forward to following your new adventures

  4. Anonymous6:09 pm

    So you're landing near Brest, driving to a place near Pinas and (ideally) ending up near Condom. Not that I'm stuck in 13yo boyhood or anything...