Friday, August 13, 2010


Buster #1Buster #2 

My canine household doubled yesterday, at least temporarily. Buster is a 14 yr old black lab, staying here with his humans and cats for about a week until they are ready to move to a new house in Normandy. He’s been sleeping in the garage for a few nights, being a wholly outdoor dog during the warmer months. The other dogs sniffed him over on his arrival but have been content to leave him alone, even as he staggers arthritically around the yard like a dachshund learning to use stilts. I’ve been giving him scritches around the nose and ears whenever he hobbles over to lean against me.

Yesterday he had a visit to the vet for some cortisone and anti-inflammatory treatments, to at least make sure he has a less stressful trip north next week. Even with this care, it must be very confusing for him to be surrounded by all these young noisy dogs and humans. And -  a big and – his own doggie companion passed away last week.

Late in the afternoon his mum came to check on him and announced he was missing. I was sitting with Brent and Jean in their lounge, and instantly flashed that Buster had gone into my flat. He’d not been anywhere near there before, but I felt sure that was where he’d gone. Sure enough, he’d curled up on the floor next to my bed. I tried to encourage him out to see his mum, but he was either unable or unwilling to get up. I was happy for him to stay there, so I left a bowl of water, and didn’t hear from him for another six hours.

Buster #3

I found Buster outside my window this morning, playing with Smeggs as best as he could manage, his stilt-gait somewhat improved from yesterday. He came in to check over my flat in a more thorough manner, quite insistent on getting more attention, and has now threaded himself around the legs of my chair.

There’s not much holding Buster together right now except the will to be around those who recognise him and give him some love. This week he’s found a new friend, a new binding. It’s never too late for that, as long as you remember that you have to be that friend for others to find, for the old dog that needs you, for the old dog that you will be.


  1. Ahhhh -

    Here's to Buster -

    And to you for giving off the vibes that let him know you were good people!

  2. You really are a dog person aren't you? And - damn - you keep making me cry at work.

  3. "There’s not much holding Buster together right now except the will to be around those who recognise him and give him some love."

    how beautiful, and sad.

    mr thumper, who is the old malamutey in our family, must feel the same way.

    p.s. since my humans discovered your blog, they think they might have shortchanged mr thumper by not taking him around the world too. how DO you do it?!

    and what lucky dogs you have : )


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