Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fur works

When the folks in Boulogne-sur-Gesse have a big fur fair,  they also have some fur fire-works. Munson’s never done a fair like this (pretty much impossible in Australia) with big furry toys hanging over sideshow-alley counters, vendors selling furry fairy-floss, and crowds ogling over him. OK so he’s had the crowds before. But Jean’s never seen a malamute work a crowd before. “He gets soooo much attention. You’re standing there looking at something and taking pictures, and there’s all this patting and stroking action going on behind you.”

Well, fur works for him.



Sometime after 10pm, we wandered down the hill to the northern bank of the River Gesse, where fireworks were launched, with a story and music based on Jacques Cousteau’s works. Munson wasn’t terribly interested at first, but as the feux d’artifice built to a climax, he became really quite engaged with it all.

2010-08-15 Boulogne fireworks 


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