Thursday, August 26, 2010

Me nager á trois

It’s trente-neuf degrees today! That’s right 39 C or 102.2 °F . As my god-daughter used to say when she had reached the ripe old age of three: bloody hell!

Why yes, I do have a rainbow on my brow!

Munson seemed to have recovered from his morning massage and lie-in, so I packed him in the car for a trip to the lake. Brent suggested I take Tosca as well, as she would probably enjoy a swim, needs the exercise and wouldn’t be any trouble. Tosca’s life has been a bit like a dramatic game of snakes and ladders this year. Her previous owner died, and that’s how she fell into Brent & Jean’s hands, and then she had to adapt to Smeggs’arrival and then desexing, and as she was getting on top of things again, The Incredible Hulkmuffin ™ turns up to displace her as top dog.

I’ve now got the route to what I call the lake’s dog-beach down pat. At eighteen minutes door to door, it may be three towns away but I couldn’t beat that in Seattle or Sydney.

2010-08-26 Lake

Arriving just before three in the afternoon, both dogs were in the water quickly, with me not far behind. We had the place to ourselves for a while. The only problem was a plague of prickly black burrs submerged near the lake’s edge. I pulled a few out of my bathers, but dozens had attached themselves to Munson and Tosca. I could pull a few off, but the snarl in the hair around Tosca’s rear end had to wait for some scissors at home.

Tosca and Munson P8260022

A family of four turned up for a swim, and both dogs were extremely determined to say hello. Luckily they didn’t overwhelm the newcomers, and simply swum around and around them. You can see Munson has swum right out in the lake in the centre panel above. One of the girls kept exclaiming Il est trop beau, trop beau! whenever Munson’s waterlogged bulk drifted past. They finally learnt his name, and chanted Munson (with French accents) to beckon him back to the water.

Munson tried to play with Tosca a few times, and once or twice she forgot her nervousness and pranced up to him. Small steps. It’s so easy for Munson and Smeggs to pair off for play at home, but this well help Tosca’s confidence – not to mention that she loooves me more than ever.

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  1. Holy crap that's hot!! Things are finally starting to cool down here in Nebraska. We're in the 80's now, which is much better than the mid 90's!!

    That swim looks very refreshing!!