Friday, September 24, 2010

Autumn Leavings


The move to the Gers farm was accomplished very rapidly for me. Once Brent and Jean had signed the papers and took possession, work began on having a flushing toilet and hot water available in the main house. At this point it was very valuable to have someone on site all the time so I packed up my little apartment, waved farewell to the Comminges and by mid afternoon had unpacked and assembled my bed in the Gers.

Ahead of that the most important thing to have up and running was my espresso machine. It was in its own special box, and luckily I only had to rummage through two kitchen boxes before I located the grinder and the remaining accessories to apply to a newly opened pack of Lavazza beans. Pulling a few lattes for everyone on site that day was the best thing I could have done. It’s as if Munson’s Cafe had opened a new branch in the southwest of France. I’ll stake a claim that it’s the best coffee you’ll find in the area. Sadly, almost all cafes I’ve visited in France and Spain use UHT milk in their coffees, which is mildly revolting.


We’re a day into Autumn with the increasingly cooler nights to be spent in a sleeping bag on my bed. The mattress is still in its wrapping, and will probably stay like that until I move into my permanent quarters in about 5 weeks.

Munson has some further reacclimatisation to do, and seems to miss having Smeggs around to play with at his whim. However he does seem to enjoy having familiar-smelling items unwrapped before him.

The move-in schedule is extremely aggressive, and needs to be, as managing all the preparatory work and three young children with a daily round-trip of 3 hours is just not feasible. The next week will be a little like camping indoors for me, admittedly with the luxury of all my furniture, a piano and caffeine coursing through my system whenever I need it. Cell phone access is erratic at best, but it’s all we have until phone and internet are laid on. Further posts will be delayed until that’s all in order.

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  1. re:espresso machine - glad you have your priorities in order. Likewise it would have been the very first thing I unpacked too.
    But you ought to try the purist approach and forgo the cowjuice in your coffee, doesn't take long to learn to love it!