Friday, September 17, 2010

Doors and floors and windows

2010-09-17 Container delivery

Between unloading my container and sitting down for Peter’s feast, I did some more cleaning in the main building. Colourfully rustic, this great Gascon farm house is still draped with more cobwebs than Miss Havisham’s drawing room, and has as many creepy surprises as Shelob’s lair. At least once an hour, something the size of my hand drops or scurries into my peripheral vision. Sometimes it’s just a dislodged birdnest, or a desiccated insect remain but quite often it’s a gigantic spider or bunch of hornets. My ultrasonic scream power has no effect on them, so between brooms, dustpans and boots, every time I encounter these there’s a clatter of metal and sole like the cast of Tap Dogs invading a Caribbean steel pan concert.

2010-09-18 2010-09-19

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