Saturday, September 25, 2010

Frogs and cows and swamp things


I made a room within a room for us last night. On one side a wall of wrapped up shelves and kitchen utensils, and on another, a bastide of book boxes. In the angle of this L-shaped divider is Munson’s mattress. I sat up watching DVDs while snipping the ends off my electrical appliances and rewiring them with French plugs. Some of them have already gone through the indignity of a snip for the US, a resnip on the return to Australia, and now a further sacrifice to join the European Union.

This morning brought forth a small sign of country life – a little frog ( not the President ) sitting before my bedside cabinet. I wondered what may have enticed him in, and then found that the ceiling was admitting some rain due to a wind-torn hole over the chimney. This caused me to do some shuffling of furniture and boxes where the water had pooled on the stone floor, but no damage was done.

Brent turned up this morning with Smeggs in the ute, so Munson was delighted to show her every smelly thing on the farm. But first he had to race down to the back paddock and “talk” to the cows. Watching him from the other side of a line of electrified fencing, I was worried that he was going to get immediately stomped on. He stood about 20m away from the small herd and gave them a good woo-woo-w00 lecture, steadily retreating as they came to shoo off the noisy intruder.

The rest of the day was quite wet for both of us. I was busy cleaning in the main house, and after dismantling the kitchen cupboards, had hours of scrubbing of walls, tiles, sink cupboard doors and floor to do to remove the residue of decades of neglect. Munson, on the other hand, had located a small lake behind the other house and had indulged himself by wading through the scummy water until he had become some dank hybrid of swamp thing and bathroom rug. Add to this the snarl of thistle-y burrs in his dense coat and the picture is complete.


With hot water available through the house, Munson became the unwilling recipient of the first bath. I suspect that it’s not going to last longer than overnight…

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  1. I've been (silently) enjoying the updates. But when you mentioned burs... Ugh! The scourge of the countryside! ;)

    Interestingly, my word verification is "biting."