Saturday, October 02, 2010

Around and about


Yesterday morning I visited further flung corners of the farm with Brent as he tried to get to grips with boundary issues that have to be sorted out with the local community. On our walk, Munson managed to connect with one of the electric fences – it’s a miracle if he hasn’t done it before – sending him off for a wailing run around the paddock.

Some of the paddocks had strands of spider-silk crisscrossing the alfalfa, reflecting the sun like spun gold. (Unfortunately I couldn’t capture this without my comatose regular camera.)

Today I decided to bite the bullet and get a new cell phone and plan with a local provider. After nearly an hour in the Orange (French Telecom) “boutique” in Condom waving around all my official documents trying desperately to give them money, it was decided that my visa didn’t allow them to give me a plan and they wouldn’t sell me a phone either to use with a pay-as-you-go SIM. It was the first time that having my Munson lucky charm with me had failed, even though he performed his whole repertoire of cute over their showroom floor.

I drove onto Auch where the day did pick up when I visited Feu Vert and successfully got new plates for the car, and a new car radio to replace the half-working contraption it came with.

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  1. Cell phone? CELL phone?? Mwij .. how very American! Bummer, eh!


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