Sunday, October 10, 2010


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Chartres’ cathedral is one of the most enduring achievements of the middle ages. As we approached it this fine Sunday morning, its bells issued a call to prayer: the Gregorian mass about to begin at 9.15. I’d noted its spires last night, clawing through the mist as I searched for our hotel. In 2002, with winter in the air, I took a train out from Paris to spend a half day here, getting a guided tour of some of the interior and its remarkable stained-glass windows.

2010-10-10 CHARTRES Cathedral


Munson was in a very talkative mood, tearing off to woo at an old lady admirer, before rounding on me to tell me it was play time.

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I gave us about an hour to circle the building. One could hear the faint sound of the Gregorian mass under way.

I looked back to the cathedral from the edge of town as we departed. It truly dominates the landscape, and one can only imagine the effect it had on the local scene when the first spire was completed nearly 900 years ago. Across the broad plains the actual town seems an afterthought to the central edifice.



Leaving Chartes


  1. It always just amazes me when I see what was built and crafted soooo many years ago!

    Thanks much for sharing these great pics!

  2. I'm getting slashbacks to French in Action. Who was that tight-shorted guy chatting up Mireille?

  3. Jean-Pierre was the one who liked to draguer les nanas