Thursday, October 07, 2010

Cleaning up


It’s 3 months today since we left Sydney! A fond wave to everyone back home.

After weeks of cleaning building surfaces, it was a bit of a personal clean up day for me: I shaved for the first time since arriving at the farm, put a few loads through the clothes washer, and attacked the fur-lined interior of the car.  I hadn’t really bothered too much about keeping the car clean to date since we were always moving stuff around, which either added to the mess, or hid whatever mess was there.

Getting rid of the dirt was easy. Munson’s hair on the other hand… well, that’s a shocker. Bondi’s hair was fairly easy to manage in the car as he stayed in the back all the time, and I put down a large sturdy rubber sheet to minimize the surfaces that hair could cling to. Munson’s hair is harder to deal with as he likes to ride in front when he can, and the rear seats still accumulate hair, even with a big protective cover thrown over them.

About an hour later, after I’d shop-vacced and de-fluffed the car, I found some new levers on the rear seats that allow me to shuffle them around and so build a space that doesn’t expose so much seat fabric. I put down the rubber sheet from the old car ( the very last thing tossed into my shipping container ) and some padding for Munson to sleep on. Engrossed in this activity, I should have been paying attention elsewhere… 

LOVE IS …. not turning your malamute into a hearth rug after he’s jumped onto the front seats of the car with muddy paws to examine your handiwork.

Brent coffee break Smeggs

Meanwhile, around the farm there’s still plenty more clean up to do. A casual circuit shows many discarded objects: an old bouvier left out to dry, a tired old Smeggs, a dismantled barrel, all too large for the shop-vac.

Smeggs is becoming so attached to Munson that she’s become derelict in her farm duties so that she can snuggle with one of us at night. I’ve started locking her out in the evening so that she can patrol the grounds.  She still has a long day to play with Munson, but even then I found her sneaking into my quarters to curl up on Munson’s bed.  I took that outside onto the porch so that she could at least warn us of visitors, human and animal.

Tiny as Smeggs is compared to Munson, I always knew when she was shifting position on my bed. Munson was a bit inhibited about getting up there when she was already in place, a strange bit of power reversal. With Smeggs out for the night, I now wake in the mornings to find that Munson has quietly climbed up to sleep next to me. Malamutes definitely have a cat-like stealth around the house: Bondi would similarly “appear” next to you on bed or sofa, as if he had been there before you.

barn mousamutes

PS The barn next door is overrun with mousamutes. I’m not sure if that’s a haystack or a hairstack.


  1. Anita1:09 pm

    I could keep a mousamute in my flat...

  2. Love this photo, Mwij .. lovely x


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