Saturday, October 16, 2010

DOLGELLAU : Precipice Walk

So we had one long walk today; no reason why we shouldn’t tack on another before evening. I’ve not seen Snowdonia in Autumn before and it’s plain that the rusting landscape will look better towards sunset. When Chris asked me to plan the weekend, he asked for hills and water, or mountain and sea, or perhaps it was just cake. In any case, Dolgellau’s best known excursion is undoubtedly the Precipice Walk. I did this one on my first visit to Dolgellau. There’s a bit of a drive up a mountain road to the start of the walk, after which you’re ranging over no more than 20m of altitude for a couple of hours.

When you’re walking with a dog in the Welsh countryside you have to be alert to sheep grazing on the path, so your dog should be kept under control. Bondi was actually a bit afraid of sheep and a small bleat from behind a bush would make him jump and press closer to me.

 20050702 - 3 Dolgellau Precipice Walk (11)  20050702 - 3 Dolgellau Precipice Walk (22)

These three photos (above and below) taken from that first walk show Wales at its greenest in early July. I now know that the top two photos are looking down over the Mawddach Valley that we had walked through this morning. That’s the Irish Sea on the horizon.

I’ve posted some 1920s photos of this area belonging to my great-grandfather back in 2006. I spotted one of them framed on the wall of our Dolgellau B&B.

20050702 - 3 Dolgellau Precipice Walk (32)

Now the landscape is bands of green, red and gold with a soft drape of purple as the sun sets over the mouth of the estuary.

PA160658    PA160659

Munson is leashed for this walk as he is intensely curious about the white fleecy cats all around us.



I stopped at the point where the walk becomes a bit more precipice-y. I thought I would be able to conquer my vertigo, but remembered how contorted my tummy got last time I did the walk, and this time I had Munson fit to remove my arm at the shoulder. I knew Chris would be happy to continue along and take his own photographs, and said I’d circle around the hilltop to meet him as close as possible to the end of the precipice.


It was actually quite pleasurable walking back as the light had changed sufficiently in twenty minutes to completely alter the complexion of the landscape.


The path forks here at the end of the lake Llyn Cynwch and I encountered Chris at the other end.




PA160703  PA160006

Chris made some quite stunning records of his solo time on the precipice:

North Wales North Wales


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    Thanks much for sharing!

  2. So, so lovely. I remember going to Snowdonia many years ago and you couldn't see 2 feet in front of you. You have obviously picked a wonderful time to go.

  3. I've never been a fan of the British countryside but your pictures have certainly made me rethink that. Those sunsets are absolutely STUNNING!


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