Friday, October 22, 2010

ENGLAND : Dorset to Bristol

I didn’t realise when I checked into my room last night that the bed was about six inches shorter than me. The only way to avoid freezing toes was to put the pillow at the foot of the bed and use the headboard to keep my feet under the blanket.

2010-10-22 ENGLAND Swanage - Lulworth - Ashmore - Bristol

Before setting out for the day I let Munson stretch out on the beach. I noticed the signpost for the South West Coast National Path which begins a few miles east of here and ends over 600 miles in the other direction after wrapping around the peninsula of Cornwall and Devon. It might be just the thing to wear Munson out for a few months.

Lulworth Cove

When I got back from the beach I quickly scanned my road map for somewhere along the coast to visit before making for Bristol. Not too far away was Lulworth Cove where you can see the dramatic forms that geologic time has flung up on this coastline.

Stair Hole

This hundred mile stretch of coast is a World Heritage Area, known as the Jurassic Coast is replete with fossils, lifted and folded strata. and tourists huffing and puffing over the hillside paths linking coves in the Lulworth Estate area.



Swanage - Lulworth - Ashmore - Tollard Royal - Tarrant Gunville - Bristol

Connecting the coast with Bristol is an area of Dorset with a trio of adjacent villages: Ashmore, Tollard Royal, and Tarrant Gunville where one branch of my maternal ancestors flourished two to four hundred years ago.  The Oxfords, Newhooks, Sansomes and others inhabited this quite lush and lovely corner until entire families up and moved to distant Sydney Australia in the early 19th century. Today these small villages with manicured gardens and hedges, many houses with immaculate thatched roofs and each with a village pond would probably seem incredibly genteel to my many greats grand mothers and fathers. It also struck me that the terrain around Ashmore was very like that of where I’m living now in France. Change a few road signs and I could easily believe I was encountering some new corner of the Armagnac.2010-10-22 ENGLAND Swanage - Lulworth - Ashmore - Bristol

We got into Bristol mid afternoon. We’ve got a bland Days Inn room at a road-side services area on the edge of town, but they’re always happy with dogs, have beds I can stretch out on and free wi-fi so really quite a useful fallback when there aren’t cheap alternatives closer to the centre. Dinner was at The Hope and Anchor pub in Bristol’s Clifton/West End area. The little muffin is getting quite used to the drill of pub meals, and finding some improbable location between tables to stretch out.

The Hope and Anchor, Bristol


  1. That's such a classic Malamute "So, where's the food, Dad?" expression!

  2. I've really been enjoying following your UK adventures. The pictures are great and give me a desire to see that part of the world one day.


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