Thursday, October 21, 2010

ENGLAND : Swanage

Do we have any brochures written in woooo?

When I was rambling around the UK with Bondi, the area least-travelled was that south of London, especially the band of counties between Brighton and Bristol. I decided to use some of my remaining time here on this trip to at least survey some of them.

I aimed for Bournemouth with a short stopover in Lyndhurst, the principal town in the New Forest. I was hesitating with Munson outside the New Forest Information Centre when a voice rang out “You can bring him in”. Once inside he had the staff gushing over him, while I tried to find some background material on walks and accommodation for a later visit. Bournemouth itself proved to be a bit of a disappointment ( not a single photo !) – we did a big loop of the central area for a couple of hours but nothing really grabbed my attention. I grabbed a Cornish pastie for lunch, and sat on a bench while dealing with Munson’s admirers. I don’t recall anyone having asked me before “Can I have a stroke?” as I just want to say “If you want, but should I call an ambulance first?” Just goes flying over their heads.


There wasn’t much dog-friendly accommodation around, but I’d noted that the Red Lion pub in Swanage,  a little further west along the coast, was listed on the site. I decided to just turn up and see if they had a vacancy (they did), figuring that I could at least sample some of the coastline, and if really desperate could be back in London in a little over two hours.

PA210191-193_stitch Swanage

I took Munson to explore the harbour area close to sunset, which was a great time to catch the sun reddening the white chalky cliffs across the bay until the eastern headland looked like a long fiery opal against the grey-blue sea and sky.


PA210212-213_stitch Swanage murals2010-10-21 ENGLAND New Forest   Swanage

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