Friday, October 08, 2010

Le temps des vendanges.


The farm has a few hectares of grapevines leased out for wine production. This morning some large mechanical harvesters and a tanker arrived to strip the vines. The two yellow harvesters travel quickly up and down the vines, emptying the grapes into a wagon, which then takes them a short distance to a tanker truck. The process is so rapid that all the vines here will be harvested in a single day.

Vendange =  grape harvest for wine production. The English word vintage is derived from it, with vintage wines being those sourced from a single harvest. In French however, the word millésime is used to denote the year of vendange/vintage.

PA080120 PA080122

While wine quality of different vintages may vary substantially, you can always depend on dogs to  find the dirtiest place to play. With three dogs you have absolute certainty.

Smeggs, Tosca, Munson


  1. I see they give it lots of paws of approval!

    AND the looks say so much in any language!

  2. I'm loving this new adventure! Keep posting!

  3. If there is one thing you can depend on its dogs will always find a good mess! If its not mud, its swamp.

    Love reading about your adventures.