Monday, October 11, 2010

LONDON : The bear and (his personal) staff

Feel like wolf: must try out new claws

The day was started with an obligatory visit to Munson’s cafe – and after two days of coffee extracted from highway vending machines, an absolute godsend. Straight onto the Piccadilly Line after that into Covent Garden and a wander past all of my favourite browsing places. Best of all was probably Harold Moore’s Records where we were very warmly greeted and I had to break the news of Bondi’s passing at the same time as I introduced Munson.

Street maps from opposite sides, oriented to your walking direction

It was definitely much colder than the Gers this morning. This combined with the assault of car fumes really hit my throat and chest, but as the day warmed up I recovered well.


I had us back at Chris’place by mid-afternoon so I could address the need for a new UK phone SIM card ( UK friends please check my Facebook wall for the new number if you don’t have it ) and a replacement for my dying sat-nav. Seems that all my tech stalwarts have been dying this last month or so. I got those two dealt with while in Chiswick and let Munson loose for a run around the common with a couple of other dogs. He was very pleased at this first opportunity to stretch out in three days.


Chris kindly concocted a frittata for our dinner tonight, adding “this bloody well better be in your blog by tomorrow.” OK.


  1. OOOh. Very jealous. Been thinking about London and running away. Just the mention of the Picadilly line is enough! (I'm that desperate LOL)

  2. They allow the four-legged on the tube? Didn't know that...

  3. Yep, UK is quite pet-friendly with public transport: Trains, buses, ferries all over UK are free to dogs. It's actually friendlier than France in this respect as you can't take them on the Paris Metro, and the RER requires a muzzle.

  4. they allow dogs onto public transport in the UK? how wonderful! you're from australia so you must know how hard it is for us dogs to go anywhere here, especially BIG dogs! rumour has it they're now thinking of not letting us in cafes too, even al fresco :( stay in europe munson!!! :p

  5. @Georgia: It's been against NSW state law for dogs to be at outdoor cafe tables for many years now. Supposedly that's being repealed, but the evidence has been that the government has been steadily increasing restrictions on dogs, especially with respect to public transport. As oen Sydney Morning Herald article put it: Sydney is becoming dog-hating capital of the world.... :-(

  6. Sure wish there were more doggie friendly places here. We're as bad as Australia. At least in the majority of places. We don't think that is fair at all!

    Holly and Khady.

  7. i feel so unloved and unwanted *sigh* 2 of my friends got on the ferry last week and went to luna park. they weren't allowed inside the cabin. but that was good, no? probably a kind captain. i've also seen little dogs smuggled onto buses in boxes and bags. NO FAIR for us biggies!

    have a good weekend : )