Tuesday, October 19, 2010

LONDON : Benissimo


On the tube again into London for coffee at Borough Market. Across from Monmouth Coffee I see a butchery The Ginger Pig  advertising free bones. On inquiring there they give me a nice little bag for Munson, although he seems more than happy to watch one of the butchers carving up a side on the counter.

PA190081 PA190083

PA190085 It occurs to me that I’ve never walked along the Thames for the stretch between London and Tower bridges. Along the way we discovered Hay’s Galleria with its whimsical kinetic scultpure The Navigators by David Kemp. The set of bronze oars on each side move through the water, which Munson found worthy of wooo.

It seems as soon as we get close to a big open space near the Thames, Munson gets super frisky. Again he quickly turned in a nimble dance, grabbed the leash and tugged me along the footpath.
PA190118  PA190119PA190123 124 126_stitch Fuse

Tower Bridge

Tower Bridge and Mayor's offices

Today in my new ongoing series of lunches with musical friends at the Woolpack Bar, I’m seeing international concert pianist( true!) Ben Dawson before he flies off to Finland to perform Bernard Herrmann’s Concerto Macabre. Ben was the last person I saw in England before Bondi and I flew back to Australia in 2007, and given his wont to harrass me on Skype, Messenger and phone with due disregard for time-zones I really had to make sure we had a good afternoon together.

Ben's new CD sleeve cover

We had quite a long afternoon swapping obscure musical jokes at the Woolpack and then at another pub closer to London Bridge station, where Ben was joined by his colleague Sarah. The day took a turn for cold and wet and when we decided to cross the river, had to do a salmon swimming upstream act in order to get through the tide of besuited and benighted umbrella-wielding commuters intent on their tube connection. In the land of the blind, the short man with a golf umbrella is king (and the reason everyone is blind).

PA190151-152_stitch Leadenhall PA190153

We continued a bit further north where Ben showed me the Leadenhall enclosed market place, itself not far from the Blade Runner-ish structures like the Gherkin and nearby buildings, all looking rather magnificent in the gloom.

PA190155-163_stitch Gherkin street  PA190169-170_stitch Gherkin


  1. Yet more WOW moments -

    Of course, any pic with Munson gets a BIG wow!

    Khyra says he is just so KHUTE! She's imagining the trouble they khould get into!

  2. Mwij - have you walked along the Regent Canal towards the Camden Lock Markets? Then onto Regents Park and through Queen Mary's Garden ... you'd both love it!

  3. Meme: I did some of that walk back in 2005: http://mikenbondi.blogspot.com/2005/07/canal-walk-to-camden.html

  4. We always enjoy lots of pics with Munson in them! He's looking adorable as usual!

    Cool places you saw. Love the architecture!


  5. In the land of the blind.....and the reason everyone else is blind. Haha!

    Munson looks like he's having loads of fun!