Monday, October 25, 2010

LONDON : Lammas Park

2010-10-24 LONDON Lammas Park

I returned to London this morning. I had no particular desire to drop into Slough, Reading or Swindon on the way, and I really didn’t want to get caught in the tide of vehicles returning to the city at the close of the weekend.

So the English roadtrips are over, and I’ve scheduled a diverting return to France in a few days with a couple days’ stopover in Lyon, France’s second largest city and capital of the Rhône-Alps region.

To reward Munson’s patience through a rainy Saturday and today’s drive, I took him to play in Ealing’s Lammas Park where he thundered through the carpet of crisp leaves as if he were Black Beauty prancing through the opening titles of her TV show (with one of my favourite TV themes ever). We were about to leave when I saw that a few dogs were being brought in and let Munson canter over to play with them for a while. It made me really miss the gang at Sydney Park Sad smile.  Maybe they’ll come visit soon while the barns at the farm are empty enough to house them.

The last couple of weeks have been a great experience with Munson. He’s getting the hang of staying at different places, of handling trains and buses, and the small thrill of returning to familiar environments. I especially love when he initiates play-time in a big open space. You can see that play is high up his list of needs – not just sniffing around in a park but grabbing my attention to be chased, grapple or tug at leash. I’m so disappointed in owners who display so little interest in their dog’s needs on a walk that they may as well be dragging a vacuum cleaner.

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  1. I'd play with you Munson! My Malasis is really lazy!

    Khady Lynn