Tuesday, October 12, 2010

LONDON : Orange


A pretty quiet day today all up. I took Munson across the Thames to Barnes to see the folks at Orange Pekoe tea-rooms who were big fans of Bondi.

They weren’t around today so we had a nice breakfast and met the new staff and some of the other patrons. While I was talking to a couple of resting cyclists ( Munson had curled up against the lycra-clad leg of one them), we noticed that a tramp nearby was sitting by the kerb carefully painting his shoes with bright orange paint. That done he started painting his bicycle with the same paint – wheels, tyres and all.

A few minutes later he walked over in our direction and Munson rose to sniff him. To our surprise, our tramp had lively intelligent eyes and announced in a very cultured voice “dogs always like me because I stink”. He paused and reflected on something, and then turned around to rejoin his orange bicycle.

I walked Munson a short way along the Thames and turn past the Barnes village pond – remembering some of the walks I’d done with Bondi around here. I feel a bit splintered across time and space, across memories of the cities I’ve lived in and grown cosy in, paths wandered on three continents. Bondi and Munson knit them together for me in a very special way.


  1. Thanks for allowing us to be part of the memory making -

    SO, did Munson score?

  2. ....that's a lot of proper nouns in your opening paragraph!!

  3. I sure hope the mingling of the old memories of Bondi, and the making of new memories with Munson put a smile on your face. But, with Munson, how could you not have a constant smile?!



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