Wednesday, October 20, 2010

LONDON : Swishin’ in Chiswick

2010-10-20 LONDON Lunch with Sachin

If you subscribe to this blog via newsfeed then you wouldn’t be surprised to know that I caught up on about five days’ worth of posts this morning.

I caught up with my pal Sachin for lunch in Chiswick. He found a swish pub called The Roebuck which happily allowed Munson in with us (they have fantastic Cumberland sausages and mash on the menu!). Having to rush back to my car to refill the parking meter meant finding another place for coffee. Happily another swish bar The Crown & Anchor welcomed us all in and had water out for Munson almost before we could sit down.

I mention both of these in case people got the idea that only traditional “working man’s” pubs allowed dogs in. Since they are all eating establishments they are covered by the same legislation as cafes and restaurants i.e. there are no laws in the UK forbidding dogs in eating areas. The owners of an establishment may have their own policies but it would be wrong for them to attribute anything to the government. Muttering health and safety is a self-inflicted curse.

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  1. Ah yes, the Roebuck ... I'm pleased to know they let Munson in and took care of him. I'll have to try their cumberland sausages one day! V and I had a drink at the Crown and Anchor one New Year's Eve. Glad to see you enjoying yourself in our part of London Town.