Sunday, October 03, 2010


Aire sur l'Adour

Musée d'Artagnan

After a lazy morning I took Munson for a three hour drive around the regions to the west. In my Three Musketeers post last month I mentioned that d’Artagnan had been born in Lupiac, about twenty minutes away. My road map indicated there was a centre nautique there which held the promise of a freshwater bathing beach as we had visited in St. Blanchard during August and September.

There was a museum devoted to d’Artagnan but we arrived before opening hours and had a stroll around the pretty village instead. You can see a bunch of older houses to the right of the church (below) which were probably around in d’Artagnan’s time.

LupiacPA030025-27_stitch Lupiac lake

The bathing area was easily found off the northern approach to Lupiac, and promises to be a good spot for us all to come next Spring. Today however it was the perfect place for Munson to have a swim and clean himself up properly from his dirtier farm lake wading.

2010-10-03 Lupiac   Aire sur l'Adour

We continued west through Aignan, with the Pyrénées quite visible and imposing  to the south, and then stopped a while in Aire sur l’Adour, before returning home via Nogaro and Lannepax.

Aire sur l'Adour


  1. Oh how I LOVE his look in the last pic!

    I really enjoy the reflective shots with the water and bridge -

    Thanks for the lesson as well!

  2. We just found your blog. I love all your stories and pictures.

    your travels are so interesting, it looks like you had a wonderful time!