Friday, October 29, 2010

LYON : Kissing the lion


Finding myself in a neighbourhood dense with restaurants busy laying out tables for the night, I surveyed some of the blackboard menus on the narrow but cosy Rue Guiseppe Verdi. After enquiring as to when the kitchen would be ready for the evening plats, I booked a 7pm table, and continued on with Munson to see a bit more of the city as the lights reimagined the streets.


I took a picture of the Gentleman Farmer store as I’m sure Brent will want to outfit himself as a Gersois squire when his herd starts producing an income.

Kissing the lion: drinking from a street fountain



We settled into a corner table at Bistro Pizay, and I rattled off my order, with the main course being frogs’ legs, which I hadn’t tried before. For the inexperienced, it’s a bit like eating calamari, but with some of the messiness of lobster as you have to deal with bones.


2010-10-37  PA290684

The evening ends back near the Lyon Opera House where a subset of the young men remain in the alcoves between the pillars advertising a Cinderella ballet, still presenting small snatches of their own dance routines.

There’s definitely a more relaxed pace to life here in Lyons than I remember in Paris nearly 5 years ago. The people are more conspicuously friendly, and the air is cleaner. Maybe I’m just a more experienced traveller in France, or perhaps Lyon is less weighed down than Paris by the numbers and expectations of tourists. Our day has been pretty simple in plan and execution, yet these eight hours on the streets have been very satisfying.



  1. We sure wish dogs could go to restaurants in Canada...mmmm that looked so delicious.

    Absolutely love following your travels, you tell a great story!

  2. I am but an envious biodegradable bag floating in your world of travels.

  3. PA290661 - My new favourite Munson pic.