Monday, October 04, 2010

Pathetic sprinkles

Munson & Smeggs

The weather doodat on my computer desktop says “sprinkles” but it’s been rain and gales all day here. I’ve had to put out a few buckets to catch the water leaking through the ceiling and fireplace but that’s barely an inconvenience in this sort of weather.

I’ve spent half the morning sitting in my car to catch the wifi signal from the box in the main house. Despite Jean’s assertion that I look a bit pathetic sitting alone outside, it is quite warm and comfortable. Munson occasionally looks in to see if I’m actually planning to take him somewhere, but otherwise been happy to work on his windswept look.

SprinklesAt times he’ll come inside and curl up with Smeggs while I work at my French third person direct object pronouns or some Scarlatti at the piano. When he tries to get Smeggs to come outside to play she just looks at him as if he’s demented ( she’s a fine judge of character ) and then looks to me for confirmation that I won’t force her out into the weather.


Devoirs? J'en ai.


  1. what a great picture! mr thumper has to be really sick for him to let me cuddle up to him, so munson must be a special malamutey.

    it rained a lot here too. yuk.

  2. I sure wish I had a best furry friend to cuddle with, mom isn't too keen on me sleeping on her bed!

  3. Hilarious! Glad to know you're still up with the conjugations and Scarlatti and keeping out of mischief. We're missing you, mate! xx