Tuesday, October 05, 2010

The sky is blue


With yesterday’s “sprinkles” behind us and the sun warming up the Gers again, I’ve had quite a productive morning. First a trip into the mayor’s office to get my new Certificat de Domicil which will be needed for utilities connections, further updates to my car registration, and eventually my carte/titre de séjour or residence permit. (New rules mean that my current long-stay visa takes the place of the permit for the first twelve months.) I will inevitably be reporting on my hoop jumping when that takes place.


Then, upon my return to the farm, I found my camera replacement had been delivered. It’s got some interesting in-camera art effects I can menace you all with in coming days.

Thus, with most of my paperwork in a stable state I’m planning to pop over to the UK for a couple of weeks. That will take up most of the period before I move into my cottage. The Channel crossing means last-minute shots for Munson the day before and then a ten-hour drive to Calais for the crossing.

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  1. LOVE the black and white of Munson!!!



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