Friday, October 08, 2010

Two cathedrals

Éauze Cathdral triptych

Éauze (ay-urze) is one of the trio of towns in this area where I do most of my shopping (the other two being Condom and Vic-Fezensac). I’ve lunched there and plundered its supermarket but until today hadn’t had much of a walk around the town centre. The prominent central cathedral is dedicated to a local bishop, martyred in the third century.

Éauze cathedral

There’s an archaeological museum close by with a hoard of coins from Gallo-Roman days.

Courtyard & Cathedral

An evening treat: dinner in Condom with Peter, Lindy and Greg (visiting from the UK). We sat in the courtyard out back sipping Gewürtztraminer. I love the sky before dusk contrasted with the weathered tones of the building. Another vaulting experience was had looking in to  Condom Cathedral while walking Munson around before dinner.

Munson hoping that Greg and Peter will feed him

On the way home, an extra surprise: a few wild boars (les sangliers) and a half-dozen wild boarlets by the way. I slowed and dimmed my headlights while they scurried across the road and last-to-cross mama boar nodded approval to me from the other side before they all disappeared into the darkness.

Many Asterix books begin with a wild-boar hunt. Seeing them in the flesh was a little reminder that things other than coins from Gallo-Roman times endure in these parts.


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