Saturday, October 09, 2010

UK: Step 1 – tick (and worm)

Munson at vet

Munson just had his tick and worm treatment at our local veterinary clinic. They have a lovely view from the surgery window of l'église Saint-Pierre across the road.

With his pet passport completed he’s now free to cross the English channel 24 hours from now. (I’m aiming for the 6pm from Dunkerque.) I went through this particular procedure three times with Bondi, and incidentally it would have been his 12th birthday today. A toast to Bondi.

Not sure where we’ll be tonight, but you’ll know after I do Winking smile

Postscript: While I’m on a cathedral binge – we’re staying near Chartres tonight. I visited there in 2002. Let’s see how Munson takes to flying buttresses….


  1. Happy Birthday Bondi -

    I'm sure you are enjoying these new adventures from a comfy lookout across The RB -

  2. Have a fun trip ! bon voyage :)

  3. I bet Bondi is having quite the party at the rainbow bridge for his birthday!

    Have fun on your trip! Can't wait to see pictures!


  4. Ah, Bondi - never forgotten.


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