Sunday, October 10, 2010

UK: Step 3 - Munson of la manche

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From Chartres to the Norfolk lines ferry port at Dunkerque  was another 4 hours of pleasant driving. We stopped occasionally for walky breaks, the more notable being at one highway rest area where I left Munson leashed up to a bench while I went inside to pay for fuel. I looked back from the cashier’s desk to see that he had been completely surrounded by about twenty young children.

last hug before leaving Munson in car for ferry crossing

Plenty of out-of-the-window sights along the way, including the ornate exoskeleton of Reims cathedral and numerous river valleys crossed by viaduct. We passed over the Seine about half way through our journey. As we neared the adjacent ports of Calais and Dunkerque (Dunkirk) I saw the signs for the tunnel “sous la manche” ie “under the channel”.

My ferry was booked for a 6pm sailing, but we reached the port just as the 2pm boat was leaving and so hung around until the 4pm. With UK being one hour behind France, we’ll be on British shores just after 5 and in London in time for dinner at Ealing Park Tavern.

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