Sunday, October 31, 2010

WALES : Some extra fluff

Mike and Munson - Mawddach Trail panorama

I’m going to catch up with my blog posts from Lyon and thereabouts any day now, but first a really beautifully composed picture taken by Chris on our day walking the Mawddach Trail in Wales two weeks ago. Chris has some extra thoughts on malamutes, their commercial potential and indeed man’s future in space at his blog.

Mike and Munson - Mawddach Trail - close-up


Click through to Flickr for Chris' photo of the lake completing the Precipice Walk.

Precipice Lake


  1. Ha!!!!!!

    We could power the world with Northern Breed floof!

    Thanks FUR sharing!

  2. loved the linked post, had me laughing out loud! Moving house in less than 48 hours and wondering just how i am gonna defluff!

  3. Anonymous6:04 pm

    Hey, I love your blog, and I love your dog! I'm trying to get some info out that this dog is going to be racing again soon, should be so much fun. Can you help me out by mentioning it on your blog?


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