Friday, November 26, 2010

AUCH J’aime mon chien, j’aime ma ville… et je ramasse!

Munson by river Gers  et je ramasse!

A busy day in Auch, the departmental capital of the Gers. First order of business was at the prefecture, changing the address for my car registration. It’s one of those things you’d prefer to do online in a minute, rather than paying for a 70km round-trip and using up an entire morning. Most frustrating was queuing up to hand in my change of address form, and then being given a receipt… I then had to queue again (for a longer period) to hand that receipt to the adjacent fonctionnaire for her to drop it into her inbox. The new address sticker arrives in the mail sometime later.

I was able to use my time after that a bit more profitably – a pair of overalls for farm work (especially the vineyard poles – no more choosing which dirty clothing to wear that day), and a nice woolly robe for my evenings in front of the fire. I’m sure that my fashion paparazzi stalker Jean will reveal all on Flickr, showing I’m too sexy for the catwalk in New York, Milan and Courrensan. Speaking of Jean, I dropped into the hospital to see her and baby Zélie, both of whom were luxuriating in the warmth of the maternity room. Munson was subsequently rewarded with a walk around central Auch and down by the river Gers.

The last week has been an interesting one for collecting new French terms.

  • accordage:  piano tuning – learnt in conversation when arranging my piano delivery
  • tronçonneuse: chain-saw – we’re using one to chop up the fence-posts for firewood. For the francochallenged, the ç is pronounced as an s.
  • ramasser: to collect or pick-up (see sign in picture above) – sometimes used instead of draguer – to pick up via seduction, or to dredge. A pick-up artist is un dragueur or une dragueuse

Now, back to the farm for more of l'enlèvement de poteaux.

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  1. Hey Mwij - I've just been catching up on the past couple of weeks' logs. Here in Willunga the internet connection isn't terrific and I've kept my use of it for emails ... but now I read that you've been in quite some strife over Munson's adventures and short illness. I'm so glad he was returned to you and that he's responded to the treatment received. Those 3 days of hell you went through - just awful.
    On brighter note, your work with the poles must be paying dividends not just with firewood for the next 3 years but biceps to kill for?? Your photos, as always, are beautiful, evocative, poignant and resonant of the sensitive soul that you are. I miss you. I'm missing Vance too, who has been in Pnohm Penh for nearly 2 months. He joins me soon. Keep well, and keep the posts coming. Lots of love, meme xx