Friday, November 19, 2010

Back in the saddle

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It took a day or so for Munson to regain his appetite but his energy level increased quite rapidly. Spending this time watching his urine for signs of blood, I could see we were in the clear. I didn’t allow him to run around off-leash until today (making at-a-distance urinalysis a bit easier), his sudden weight loss signalling to me at least that he needed some gentler recovery time.

This down time coincided with the lighting of the fireplaces and an urgent need to procure firewood to feed them. There’s some days’ worth of available wood lying around the farm, but the big resource is several hectares of vineyard fence posts. The vineyard lease is being transferred elsewhere by the tenants, so they are required to remove all the vines from this location. In practice this means ripping it all up and burning it.

Each row of the vineyard has an acacia pole every five metres with several wires running along to support the branches. Brent and Jean had spent a morning out ripping out some of the poles, and Brent took me out to show me his method for separating poles and placing them for subsequent pickup in the utility truck. Each row has about 40 poles to remove. Multiplying that out by the acreage of vines, we can potentially collect enough firewood to see both houses through five winters.

Munson’s hanging out with us now, very intent on imbibing something from the dried remnants of grape bunches left over from the vendanges in early October.

In the evening I can now put on the ug slippers and perch before that fireplace – Munson’s first experience of a real winter is going to be very full featured!

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  1. Thanks for the Munson update!

    I know we can't wait to see him enjoy L'Hiver in the NORTHERN hemisphere!

  2. So, just curious, how are you going about ensuring it wont happen again? Is the area you're in fenced or is this something you'll need to do?