Monday, November 29, 2010

Canine lounge-voguing

Yesterday morning I found myself out in the vineyards with Munson, uprooting poles in the heroic manner of Paul Bunyan and Babe. Heroic because it was only2 C andand I must also underline this: I was so keen to get out there I forgot to have my morning coffee. How brave and foolhardy is that?

It was below zero when I let Munson out for his ablutions this morning, a heavy frost draping the fields. So I went back inside and made sure I had a coffee, then I went out again with the cutters to do some more work. Mêmé asked if this was doing great things for my biceps – it is beyond that – I have biceratops!! OK that was a lame dinosaur joke, but I am now strong enough to avoid having sand kicked in my face. Except of course when Munson is digging up another rabbit hole, which is how he spent the morning.

He was really really exhausted when we got back to the villa for lunch. I didn’t realise how much so until I turned around to this sight:

Munson as Proust

Or from another angle:


Canine lounge-voguing doesn’t work for everyone:



  1. Khyra says HUBBA HUBBA to the Munson Stud pics!

  2. Munson seems to be getting better at digging too!! He's just a little bit cleaner than in previous pictures ;)

  3. Munson takes relaxation to an entirely different level.

  4. Anita2:42 pm

    Very butch overalls!!

  5. Munson sure knows the comfy way to nap! That is my most favorite position!!!

    Khady Lynn

  6. Did he get of the lounge voluntarily to take that photo? ;)