Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Je suis un lumberjacques

IMG_0183 I have an (almost) regular exercise regimen now. After breakfast, I put on my boots and gloves, grab my cutters and a handful of dog treats, and head off to the vines. Moving from blogging to logging is definitely a great muscle-toner and Munson absolutely loves hanging around as I work.

Removing the poles – which vary from about 15 to 40kg – is a brutal process, the exercise somewhere on the work-spectrum between pole-dancing and bear-hugging 800 recalcitrant cacti. Some of the poles are only supported by the wires threaded through them, while others seem to be rooted more firmly than a 200 year old sequoia. For the most part, a bit of wiggling, pushing and rocking the pole in the wet ground is enough to loosen it, and then a twist or upward heave drags it clear and I can throw it down for later collection in the pick-up.
Munson often runs up and down the vineyard paths like a mad shuttle on a loom of wire and gnarled trunks. More often than not he has a face full of rabbit hole, a white-tailed corkscrew submerged for minutes at a time, perhaps trying to inhale a rabbit from the other end of its hole.

When he does wander a little bit further, I call him back (using “come!”, not his name) and reward him with a treat, reinforcing the benefit of not getting too far out of my sight. For the time being he won’t be allowed out unsupervised – I’m not really expecting him to wander far from the houses – but some positive reinforcement is well-timed to build on the extra close bonding time we had while I managed his short illness. Like Bondi, Munson has quickly figured out when I’m trying to help him with an ailment. Unlike Bondi, he thinks that brushing his fur is an assassination attempt.

Square malamute in a round hole #1  Square malamute in a round hole #2PB231025

With the day’s rabbit-sniffing and vineyard shuttling done, Munson is loving the afternoon babysitting I’m doing till Jean’s home from hospital with Zélie. Munson provides a comic warm-up act, and then once the fire is running, and the kids are settled before the Disney Ingmar Bergman film du-jour, he walks around to kiss them, and then curls up as close to (or on) them as permissible.

2010-11-23 Vines


  1. Anita3:31 pm

    Awww. That's your own Disney film right there. (Speaking of which - I watched "Wall-E" the other night. Bawled all the way through it. It was embarassing...even on my own!!)

  2. Love the butt-up pose! Nothing like a little bunny stew!!