Thursday, November 25, 2010

La plus que lente


The piano has finally made it from the salle de degustation over to the villa. I arranged for a truck with hydraulic lift and a large-wheeled dolly/chariot to get it up the steps. Two of us deadlifted the 300kg (660lb) beast onto dolly, rolled it onto the truck for the 100 metre road trip to its new resting place. Of course just as we had to negotiate that most difficult part of the journey, the morning’s icy rain returned with great force. Fortunately, levering the trolley up eight wide steps proved to be much easier than I would have guessed and so that was over and done with within five minutes of getting the piano out of the truck.

Even after the long journey from Australia and then sitting in the cold salle, it’s retained its tuning pretty nicely. Sadly the QuietTime MIDI unit that allows me to get digital music from it also seems to have expired. It’s served me faithfully for 12 years and two equatorial crossings, so I’ll contact the PianoDisc folks to see if I can upgrade it in place myself.

Munson’s happy to resume his position near the piano. It’s another familiar element from the old country to properly ease him into this new home. We have been away from Australia for 5 months now, but it’s only now that I can aim for a new equilibrium in our life together.

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