Sunday, November 21, 2010

Mauvaise with buttons

Mauve With Buttons

Jean has been rather taken by the knitted sweaters that I’ve been parading this week, mostly the result of a jumper-per-year effort during the 80s. I put down my needles about ten years ago, defeated by an over-ambitious project to overlay an Art Deco motif onto a rotated basket-weave effect, the Spruce Goose of sweaters. Tormented by dye-lot mismatches and an unfortunate tension issue that made it look as if the wearer had a dark green wool-mohair colostomy bag, I did a quick fix-up and despatched the resulting Frankensweater into a clothing bin for the homeless.

This particular garment in tweed was my fourth sweater, and my first with cable-stitch, which was really much easier than it looks. It's from Patons Book 834 "Heathermoor for Men" - yes I still have the pattern! I'm guessing it dates from 1988.

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