Sunday, November 07, 2010

The next nest

Mike on the doorstep - picture by Jean

Back from our travels a week now, and also marking four months since leaving Sydney. No sooner had we returned to the farm, than we were waving off the tenants from la maison deuxieme, and preparing to shift all my boxes to there from the salle de degustation we’d been camping in for some weeks. Smeggs is beyond overjoyed to have Munson to play with again, while Tosca has slimmed down as she’s discovered her inner rodent hunter.

The diet and lifestyle here are paying off for me too – in these four months I’ve shed 5kg (11lb) that crept on while I was moping about last year, and can barely keep my pants aloft even with a belt on. Dish of the week was Brent’s sanglier stew which unfortunately didn’t find favour with anyone but Brent or myself, although Jean did slip into cries of Wild Boars!  a la Duran Duran.

As of this writing almost everything is in, unpacked and being nudged into position. The last two dozen book boxes and piano are all that remain to shift. With eight steps to elevate the piano, which will require significant manpower, I may just pay some movers to get the job done quickly.

photo 5Yesterday I found myself in the salle playing Chopin and Tchaikovsky dance music -  as I watched the twirling reflections of Jean and the kids in the black lacquer of the piano. Pulling out The Teddy Bear’s Picnic or The Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy inevitably had young Minty demanding an encore.





I’m always amazed by what I find when unwrapping stuff that has been “professionally” packed, items that had been unnecessarily split into three boxes or boxes simply grossly mislabelled. Seeing the random items from different rooms that have been wrapped together puts me in the mind to develop a new benchmark for insanity. – why does one wrap a serrated knife up with sunglasses, or envelop a paper pamphlet in six layers of butcher’s paper? Imagine having eight to ten large bookshelves, and not discovering the bag of shelf pins until you’re halfway through the box labelled crystalware from another part of the house. A couple of boxes with nothing valuable or fragile in them were half full of scrunched up wrapping paper.  The unnecessary increase in volume probably cost me an additional $1-2000 in shipping fees. Anyway, live and learn.

I’ve moved house so many times in my life that I become a bit of a machine when house-setup occurs. Just getting rid of all the boxes and packing material is a big psychological boost, and motivates you towards finding a home for everything very quickly.

I’ve had a day or two running around organising transfer of utilities to my name. Apparently the house hasn’t had a telephone connection for three years after a storm brought down the line, so I’m looking forward to having that repaired this week and the internet connection going live.

Munson seems quite happy with the new quarters, especially that he can now go back to sleeping on a familiar rug or sofa. I’m sleeping properly in my own bed for the first time since leaving Sydney, waking to find Munson hovering by the bed, waiting to be invited up for a belly scratch.


  1. You're looking very healthy and very happy!

  2. Woohoo!! Can't wait to see pics of the new house. Oh, and of handsome Munson in them!!