Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Quest for Firewood

Into the wood(s)

Quattro – that’s the code for Jean & Brent’s fourth baby - and prospective recruit to the Munsoneers - is due tomorrow, so Brent is pressing firmly forward on Project Warm ( when two project managers marry there’s a lot of code-word baggage) to ensure that Quattro arrives in a not-too-freezing Gascon farmhouse. Most of the windows have now been replaced, a new wood-burning stove installed, and now a small layby of ex-vineyard poles is accumulating. Ah yes, but we still need a good bit of kindling!

So it’s down to one of the out-buildings where a good supply of very dry and partly ant-eaten wooden planks is propped against a wall. Making kindling means angling a plank against a broken cinder-block and jumping on it. And then moving it half a metre and jumping again. And again. Next plank. Jump. Jump.

Meanwhile, Munson has discovered that a rabbit is hiding amongst the planks and spends an hour sniffing around them, completely disinterested in my jumping, banging and snapping.

With the ute half filled, it’s brought back up to the villa for closer storage. Munson is still sure that a rabbit is hiding amongst the broken remains of the wood…

Wabbit season  Wabbit season

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