Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I’m pleased to report that Munson’s improved greatly today. He’s been as active as I’ll allow and beginning with a few dry biscuits, has regained some of his appetite.

Now, if only someone could tell me where the movers put the carousel dish from my microwave oven.


  1. Holy crap! Just catching up and was reading the last posts that I missed. Thank goodness he was found and you got him treatment!

    Sibes and Mal's are notorious for not coming when called, and wondering off and not coming home. It's part of their breed. Go, and keep going! That is why ours are never off leash except in our fenced yard. We'd never see them again!

    Give the big, handsome boy some hugs and snooter smooches from me!


  2. reading your comments...we must have the only malamute in the planet that doesn't wander!

    good to hear that munson is getting better :)

  3. What an adventure it must have been for Munson... the important thing is he's getting better now. I cannot imagine (and I don't want to think of) such a big dog with trembling legs... please give him many many kisses and cuddles from me...


  4. Alright!! Munson is on the mend. Glad to hear it.

  5. Hey Mike! How is Munson doing?

    Holly and Khady

  6. How's the big fella doing? Would be great to get an update...have to say our two would never come back...they're bad enough on a lead!

  7. I sure hope we will receive news soon!
    a concerned Munson fan on the Canadian Gulf islands.

  8. I sure hope we hear news soon...
    a concerned Munson fan on the Canadian Gulf islands...