Monday, December 20, 2010

10 Things I’ve Done That You Probably Have Not

Darwin trip - 9 - Michael   baby water buffaloApparently there was a meme going around and I missed it. But I’ve caught it going around a second time. So because it’s late on a Sunday night and I feel like a quick rummage through my memories…

First I need to check that I’m not going to a) mention any of the dog-related things that have dominated my recent life, or b)  repeat myself.

OK now fasten your seatbelts loosely: it’s going to be a short smooth ride. The skies are a nostalgic blue with a slight haze of self-indulgence. I am the only nut that will be served.



  1. Thrown gladioli into an audience for Dame Edna Everage
  2. Walked around Ayers Rock by myself (aged 14).
  3. Been stood up for a dinner date by Dolph Lundgren
  4. Sat next to a billionaire in the back of a taxi and hoped he wouldn’t strike up a conversation with me.
  5. Fed a baby water buffalo powdered milk out of my hand
  6. Asked a guest speaker at a bankers’ lunch a question that undermined the whole reason he got his IMHO dubious Nobel Prize some years later.
  7. Ran a university college for several months while all the “grown ups” disappeared on vacation or finished their contracts.
  8. Had Mick Jagger ask me for a lolly.
  9. Found a huge bug in a Windows release that delayed it shipping by a day.
  10. Received an email apology from Stephen Fry.

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  1. You would be furry correct there!

    My head is spinning on so many levels!