Friday, December 24, 2010



I took Munson for a walk around the Lac de la Gioule, north of Aire-sur-l’Adour. In spite of the weather he showed no hesitation in plunging into the lake. He met Gosh, a three month old Pyrénéan Mountain Dog. Gosh is going to be a big boy one day, but he’s still pretty timid around dashing, bounding, plunging malamutes.


Brent came over to the villa for a 2 hour sabbatical from farming and fathering. My chaise longue (demoted to being just a long chair since it landed in France) is great for an afternoon reading when it’s not full of movie-watching children. Munson still sees it as an invitation to crash on top of the chair’s occupant.

Brent with malamute lap stole


  1. That water is so cold! Those are brave dogs. Although, you've got two genetically cold-adapted breeds there.

  2. Gosh didn't go in the water. I just have a genetically slightly-silly dog

  3. Ah, a Malamute lap dog! I wonder why my humans won't let me do that?


  4. Hi Mike! Sad to see Bondi's no longer here, but nice surprise that your new friend's name is Munson! :) happy New Year from Rotterdam, The Netherlands..


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