Friday, December 10, 2010

I haz a backyard


I know we’re on a big ol’ farm in what might be the French equivalent of Kentucky or Kansas, but Munson and I do have our own space behind the villa. First there’s a big terrace facing south, but we have a big thicket of trees right in front of the terrace blocking our view of the Pyrénées. And that thicket has a little lake in it.

But I can see I’m breaking your hearts. Especially as you can see it’s so warm that I’m in a tank top today!

PC091215-19_stitch Lake shrubs

Any day now I’m going to start clearing up the thicket – you can see there are some fallen trees – and the raggedy chicken-wire fence is not much good for anything. It was probably built to keep the previous tenants’ kids out of the water, but it’s about as effective as cling-wrap on toothpicks for a certain water-loving dog, and in any case appears to be half supported by the profusion of nettles growing through it. So as I forage for firewood, clean-up junk under the terrace and destroy-all-nettles, I hope to give my space – oh yes our space – a bit more character. 

Bulbs have been planted along the terrace, so I expect to see a lot of haphazardly arranged tulips and crocuses appearing in four months. By that time I want to be establishing some herbs and a veggie garden, perhaps in conjunction with Jean. For now clearing, weeding and taking nettle-overgrown trash to the dechetterie are the most pressing outdoor chores.

Finally, a picture I’ve been meaning to take for some time, of somewhere in my wider backyard. It’s the village of Courrensan, with its castle projecting west over the Auzoe river. The older buildings may go back a thousand years, but the area was well frequented in Roman times. There are a few Gallo-Roman villas in the area.


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  1. every time i read your posts, i think the same thing. HOW is mike and munson living this kind of life? i am horribly envious!

    looks like you're in for a cold winter. it's hot and muggy here in sydney. what's new? :p


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