Sunday, December 19, 2010

In and out


A memory  of tee-shirt days from only ten days ago.

The days have warmed up since the snowfall, which gives us time to run outside to collect and saw firewood and then return to huddling before the hearth through the evening. The ice on the lake has started to break up: I can see the leaves and light start to move on its waters from my terrace while Munson roots around the banks, taking advantage of the reduction in thorny undergrowth from my pre-chill pruning days. Most of the afternoons are brilliantly clear, with nights of similar quality. I stepped outside a few nights ago to easily spot some shooting stars as the Geminid meteor shower passed through.

Outside missions complete, Munson makes himself inconspicuous amongst the Munsoneers during their weekly movie afternoon at the villa.



  1. So are there four Munsoneers now or does ZQ have to visit for movie afternoon first?

  2. Is ZQ to be the D'Artagnan of the Munsoneers?

    Hmmm, will have to check on the Gascan regulations with Cardinal Richelieu over at the Ducal palace next door.


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