Monday, December 13, 2010

My sparkling pet

Evening farm walk

Even after being here several months, there are still corners of the farm that are to be discovered on foot. Most surprisingly there were quite a few little lakes and evidence of a groundspring that had eluded previous visual surveys. There can never be enough swimming holes to satisfy Munson, who was already having a splendid time catering to his gambolling addiction.


PC121283 gambolling

Brent was very pleased to see more wormsign in these new pastures; Munson even more pleased to see molesign – a group of neat little natural trulli huts.

A-R-R-A-K-I-S where the worms come sweeping 'cross the dunes

a man and his land



Late in the morning we were visited by some new contacts from a nearby farm. I tried some of their bio-organic wine last week, and today they brought a bottle of their home-grown aperitif. They have a Swiss-German background, and with French as a second or third language, it’s actually a little easier to talk that language with them as they speak a little more slowly and without the local accent.

It was only as we settled around the wood stove in the evening that the pero was uncapped and started to trickle down the throat in a warm brown friendly way. There’s just a hint of a buzz in it that I also found in one of their phosphate-free wines last week. It’s quite unusual to have something like this that is ostensibly a heavier wine, with the petillance of a champagne. There are some universal resonances in such hidden bubblings.

It’s just occurred to me in writing this, that pétillance derives from pétiller = to sparkle, and so must be a linguistic cousin of à péter = to have a fart, or un pet =  a fart. Reminds me of the French lessons I had in Paris with another sparkling pet!


last of the summer vines


  1. Looks like you have wonderful country to stroll in...I'm sure Munson is living a dogs dream!

  2. Minus he grape vines, it looks a lot like Nebraska!!

    My human woman LOVES wine!!!


  3. It's nice when you get exposed to these little home-made goodies. And inspirational. I have a jar of cherries in alcohol down in the cellar ready to open up for the holiday week. The cherries are from the tree out back. We'll get to taste summer again, and it'll put a spring in our step at the same time!