Wednesday, December 08, 2010

On patrol

Munson late for date with rabbit hole

It’s warm enough to be a t-shirt only day! OK and some pants for the sake of distant neighbours.

Brent invited us to join him for a walk of the pastures, examining soil quality, moisture, worm populations etc. Munson came back soiled, wet and happy (and hopefully without worms).

I’ve made the important discovery that my old Caffe Ladro* coffee mug from Seattle will hang on to my back pocket even through a long boggy walk.

* just around the corner from the Fremont troll

Brent looks for wormsign

 PC071089 Cafe Lladro coffee mug holster

ash paw-print

When I was cleaning the fireplace today, I pulled out the cinder tray and found this nearly perfect giant paw formed from the ash settling from above.


  1. Wow - and we are snow covered today!

  2. My cinder tray looks just like that. Without the paw.