Tuesday, December 21, 2010

The Real 0C


-2C in the morning, a few hours of clearing blackberry briars from around the lake and then it’s 28C in the direct sun at 3pm.

Dec 9 (below) - Dec 20 (top)

I’ve done about 4 sessions of clean-up here so far, yielding a clear view down to the water. With those horrible blackberry thorns on vines running up to ten metres and wrapping themselves through multiple tree canopies, I’m onto my third pair of gloves.

I’ve discovered a new method of heating the house. Put Fantasia on the DVD player and let the kids run around doing air-quotes “ballet”.  I had been a little concerned that it wouldn’t hold their attention, but they seemed enthralled even by the more abstract sequences. There was a fascinating discussion between Lucy and Otto, the senior Munsoneers, as to whether various leaves in the Nutcracker sequence were boy leaves or girl leaves.

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  1. Definitely starting to see some improvement!

    Munson, of course, looks handsome as ever! No improvement needed there!



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